How to store my pathdef.m

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ws on 6 Dec 2011
Hi all, how to store my pathdef.m in user privileges desktop.
Here are the steps I follow.
First try: Store pathdef.m in startup directory, e.g.:
and setup the path:
>> savepath C:\Users\VS314\Documents\MATLAB\pathdef.m
Second try: Store pathdef.m in my current system folder, e.g.:
and setup the path:
>> savepath K:\mat\System\pathdef.m
Anything wrong? Or I miss some steps? Do I need to edit my code to refer the path after I set pathdef.m?
Can show me the detail steps?
Thank you.

Answers (1)

Jan on 6 Dec 2011
I assume you do not want to save the pathdef.m file only, but you want it to be used automatically when Matlab is starting. Then the startup folder is the best location.
If you want to store it somewhere else, be sure to insert the other folder before [matlabroot]\toolbox\local in the path - e.g. use the pathtool function.
Jan on 7 Dec 2011
What does "I run my code" and "I will not succeed" exactly mean?
If pathdef.m contains all needed folders and it is located in the folder replied by "userpath", it is used when Matlab starts up.

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