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3D plot in Simulink

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Ankit on 6 Dec 2011
Answered: Larasmoyo Nugroho on 30 Jan 2017
I am working on a tof camera which gives me 176x144 pixels of 3d data with x y and z coordinates.
i need to plot this data in a 3d plot while running a simulink model. i used the giampiero toolbox but it requires lines within the plot whereas i have only 25344 discrete 3d points i also tried using matlab s function block with the scatter3 function but that works very slow. later i want to combine more than 1 camera. can anyone suggest me a better way??

Answers (1)

Larasmoyo Nugroho
Larasmoyo Nugroho on 30 Jan 2017
Try this ...

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