Save data X over Y

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Matthias Bach
Matthias Bach on 4 Sep 2015
Answered: Stefan Karlsson on 4 Sep 2015
Hey there, quick question:
I have two time-dependent datasets (1000x1 double). Let's call them X and Y. Now I can easily use plot(Y,X) to see how X changes over Y. But how do I save this into a new variable?

Answers (2)

Lebarbenchon Romain
Lebarbenchon Romain on 4 Sep 2015
You can save data in a .mat file by using the following commands :

Stefan Karlsson
Stefan Karlsson on 4 Sep 2015
Poorly asked question. Do you get 2 new X and Y matrices by regular intervals, or is time-dependency something represented by the index of X and Y? Does the Matrices then grow, or are they static. what do you want to save into a new variable, and should this be in memory or as a file.
In general, no matter what your specific problem is, especially with time-varying, multi-dim data, Matlab can be tricky to use. May I recommend you check out this submission, as it may hold your answers:
best of luck

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