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Read a shapefile with name that was provided from sprintf

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Hello everybody,
I want to read one shapefile, with shaperead command, that his name will change. I have written this code:
phase2open = cellstr(get(hObject,'String'))
nameofphase2open = phase2open{get(hObject,'Value')}
shp2open= sprintf('phase%s_RP%d_%s.shp',nameofphase2open,RPname2open,nameofsource2open)
It understands the name and print it but shaperead failed giving this error: "Error using shaperead>parseInputs (line 546) Expected input number 2, PARAM1, to match one of these strings: 'RecordNumbers', 'BoundingBox', 'Selector', 'Attributes', 'UseGeoCoords"____

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