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Unknown size matrix-Cut image

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Ann G
Ann G on 7 Oct 2015
Commented: Ann G on 7 Oct 2015
Hello everyone..I want to create a matrix where I will put specific elements of a ROI (e.g. >0) but i do not know the size of the final matrix. Or else, I want to cut the image and keep only the ROI. How can I do that?


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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 7 Oct 2015
You can use imrect() or rbbox() or imcrop() to crop the image to a smaller rectangle. Let us know if you can't figure out the code to do it.

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Ann G
Ann G on 7 Oct 2015
thank u for your help..I tried imcrop but it shows me error maybe because i dont give the right inputs. D=imcrop(K,[x y]); where x,y are different every time i run the algorithm and they are not just 4.

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