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Volume rendering of medical data

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vishal k
vishal k on 9 Oct 2015
Answered: James Ryland on 30 Aug 2018
hi, I have a series of CT dicom image slices I want to volume render these slices and project the rendered 3d volume in along z- axis... can anyone advice me how to do this? regards vishal

Answers (2)

yryy on 25 Jun 2017
try the VolumeRender function writtend by Dirk-Jan Kroon.

James Ryland
James Ryland on 30 Aug 2018
I wrote some software for doing this a while back and you can grab it on matlab's community page:
It's capable of overlaying and rendering multiple sources of volumetric data so long as they are in the same voxel coordinates and stored as 3D arrays. It also comes with a full GUI for editing and creating volumetric layers. It uses a similar technique to Vol3d, but its got a much more developed interface and GUI.
Disclaimer: I wrote volumetric 3, but it's essentially shareware so use it if it works for you!

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