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Natalia on 4 Mar 2011
Good afternoon! When I try to make debugging as here when I try to open the .mdl (sfundebug), matlab refers on cod windows-1251... Somebody had such error? Probably Is the eror "Matlab has encountered an internal problem and needs to close" arise because of it?

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MarkB on 4 Mar 2011
I believe that this might relate to the character-encoding settings of the operating system. Basically the operating system has a default character-encoding setting, and Simulink reads this setting and uses it when creating new model files. However, this setting changes with different operating systems (e.g. Windows XP vs. Windows 7). If you want to use a different character-encoding than the operating system default, you should use the "slCharacterEncoding" command at the MATLAB prompt before opening any models.
If you try to open a model with a different character encoding, the error message should indicate what you should be using instead.
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Jan on 4 Mar 2011
Then I assume an error message, but not a hard crash.

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Jan on 4 Mar 2011
The question is not getting clear to me. What does "Matlab refers on cod windows-1251" mean? Windows1251 is a code table for using Cyrillic characters. Why is referring to this code page an error?
The error "Matlab ... needs to be closed" is more likely caused by a crashing Mex function. I cannot see a connection between these two facts.

Natalia on 5 Mar 2011
Thank you, I used following commands and debugging have begun
>> slCharacterEncoding('windows-1252') >> feature('MultibyteCharSetChecking',0)



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