Classifying multiple (2+) features

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Hi All, I have 2 (or more) feature variables in the dataset which are labeled 0 and 1 (total 2 classes). I am now using classify command in Matlab to do LDA classification. I am wondering if I use 3 or more features, would "classify" command accurately do the classification for me or not? It other words, does it classify using multiple features or only good for have 2 features in the dataset.
My other question is: how does it (classify/LDA) different from fisher's algorithm? Is it the same? Do I have to go to SVM instead all the above?
I would appreciate your assistance/guid on above. Best,

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 20 Oct 2015
classify() uses Discriminant Analysis and can handle multiple classes.
For other classification techniques, you can use the new which can handle any binary classifier (not just SVM)

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