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Data in the Analog Output buffer vanishe before generation

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Hello folks!
I wish a happy new year to every one!
I'm using a National Instrument PCI-6120 (Driver NIDAQmx 9.4) with a BNC-2120, with MatLab 2010a. I'm trying to synchronize the generation of a signal with an acquisition. Easy peasy... as it should be...!! But I have an issue with the analog output (AO)! Here is how I configured AI and AO so that they are synchronized:
So theoretically, on a negative edge of PFI0, both AI and AO should start running, right?!
So I put some data into the AO buffer (using "pudata" function), and I execute start(ai) and start(ao) so that they get ready and wait for a trigger. But then, after having executed start(ao), and before any trigger happens, the AO returns to the initial state: no data in the buffer and AO waiting for start. I don't understand. And the most impressive thing is that if I plug a scope at the output of the AO, I don't see any signal being generated! It's like I didn't do anything! The data in the AO buffer simply vanished.
Does anybody have a clue...?
Thanks a lot in advance.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 4 Jan 2012
That's the Legacy interface, right, not the session-based interface?
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 4 Jan 2012
It appears you would need R2011b to use the PCI-6120 with the session-based interface, so no point in trying to work around the problem with the session-based facilities. Ah well.

Answers (1)

Manisha on 9 Jan 2012
Hi Luc,
Any chance you can upgrade to R2011b or R2012a pre-release? With session-based interface, starting 11b, your analog input and analog output channels on the same device will be synchronized automatically if added to the same session.

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