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Accessing Bloomberg through Datafeed toolbox

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Ross on 5 Jan 2012
I am attempting to access Bloomberg data through the Datafeed toolbox, but I constantly receive the following error:
"Undefined function or variable 'bloomberg'."
I checked the classpath.txt to ensure that 'blpapi3.jar' is added, and it currently is listed.
What can I do? Thanks

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Joan Puig
Joan Puig on 17 Jan 2012
You could try using the blp command, it uses the new interface.
>> con = blp();
>> getdata(con,'EURUSD Curncy','Last_Price')
ans =
Last_Price: 1.2778
If that doesn't work, make sure that the toolbox is actually installed and that you have it on the MATLAB path (toolbox\datafeed\*)
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Jessica Lam
Jessica Lam on 20 Mar 2012
Hi Joan
Would you mind give me some ideas how you could access bloomberg through Datafeed toolbox?
What kind of license you rent from bloomberg?
Do I have to install matlab in bloomberg terminal?
Or I can do another way round.
Thanks so much

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Suny Mou
Suny Mou on 24 May 2012
Hello, I have the datatoolbox installed and did similiar thing. But I end up getting an error message as the following? What does it mean? How can I fix it? Thanks
EDU>> getdata(c,'IBM US Equity', {'Open';'Last_Price'}) ??? Error using ==> blp.getdata at 129 Daily limit reached. [nid:236]

Karamos on 25 May 2012
Hi Ross, Have you found a solution? I am using Matlab7.12.0 R2011.a and Windows (64-bit) and when I am trying to connect with Bloomberg using the Datafeed I am receiving the same error.:
"Undefined function or variable 'bloomberg'."
I added the classpath.txt to ensure that 'blpapi3.jar' is listed. Does anyone know how to overcome this?

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