How may I dynamically refer to a loaded mat array to modify or save it

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I am trying to write a simple piece of code where I provide a function with a list name (as a string) and a new string to add to the list (also a string). It will then load that library, add it to the list, sort it, and re-save it. I seem to be getting stuck how to dynamically reference the list name. I desire to do this so that I may add new entries to many other lists I have on my computer quickly with the console.
function addtolist(list,string)
load([list '.mat']); %%%this line works fine
list = vertcat([list '.mat'],string); %%%this line is incorrect
list = sort(list);
save([list '.mat']); %%%this line also incorrectly references the cultures list
INPUT: addtolist('Cultures','Armenian') OUTPUT: Nothing (old file is overwritten with line of data)
Thanks in advance for any help here,

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 11 Dec 2015
Edited: Walter Roberson on 11 Dec 2015
In particular use
filename = [list '.mat']
data = load(filename);
data.(list) = sort([data.(list); {string}]);
save(filename, 'data', '-struct');
I explicitly used cell array form as vertcat() of a char array does not work if the new item is not the same width but there is no problem with cell arrays.

Stephen23 on 11 Dec 2015
Edited: Stephen23 on 19 Jun 2019

Will Kinsman
Will Kinsman on 11 Dec 2015
Edited: Will Kinsman on 11 Dec 2015
The code ended up looking like this and used the eval() function
function addtolist(list,string)
filename = [list '.mat'];
data = load(filename);
data = sort([data.(list); {string}]);
eval([list '= data']);
I do understand the danger of using dynamically referenced variables, however this is only 5 lines of code and is meant to be used as quick tool entirely independent of all other code. Thank you for the help!
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Stephen23 on 11 Dec 2015
Edited: Stephen23 on 12 Dec 2015
Hopefully no one will believe that it is a good solution. Please read the better answers below.

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