high pass filter implement on a image

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hello. i want to apply a high pass filter on a image. i m not understanding how apply a ideal high pass filter on image.please any one guide me.
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Pekko Tuominen
Pekko Tuominen on 3 Jul 2017
Do you mean ideal in the same sense as a rectangular frequency filter is ideal for 1D signals? Or ideal with respect to the end result in some visual sense?

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 15 Jan 2012
There may be no ideal filter. Here's one possibility:
kernel = [-1 -1 -1;-1 8 -1;-1 -1 -1];
filteredImage = imfilter(grayImage, kernel, 'same');
You could also do filtering in the Fourier domain if you want.

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