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Shifting or sorting arrays with specific names

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Praveen Choudhury
Praveen Choudhury on 5 Jan 2016
Commented: Ingrid on 6 Jan 2016
I have a cell array of 1000*1 dimension with names on it. I want to shift my elements in such a way that the name starting with N and ending with CA goes to the end. How can I do it?


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Accepted Answer

Ingrid on 5 Jan 2016
you could use arrayfun to extract the first and last two letters and then use strfind to locate the index at which the letters that you want and then use this index for the shifting
firstLetter = arrayfun(@(n) cellArrayNames{n}(1),1:size(cellArrayNames,1),'UniformOutput',0);
lastTwoLetters = arrayfun(@(n) cellArrayNames{n}(end-2:end),1:size(cellArrayNames,1),'UniformOutput',0);


Praveen Choudhury
Praveen Choudhury on 5 Jan 2016
How do I shift to the end, having got the index?
Ingrid on 6 Jan 2016
cellArray(end,1) = cellArray(idx,1);
cellArray(idx,1) = [];

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