Calibration of Three or More Cameras

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Hi all. Has anybody here successfully used MATLAB to calibrate three or more stereo cameras? The Stereo Calibration App, and its associated functions, refer to two cameras specifically. My setup will consist of three cameras oriented 90degress from each other.
Is it possible to treat a single calibrated stereo pair as a single camera, then "add" the third camera by calibrating it with the pair? Or, is there code available for multiple (3+) camera calibration?
Thanks for your suggestions.
Mogeng Li
Mogeng Li on 12 May 2020
Hey Cameron,
My calculation gives

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Dima Lisin
Dima Lisin on 11 Jan 2016
There are no built-in functions for calibrating 3 or more cameras together. What I would do is first calibrate each camera separately to get the intrinsics. Then calibrate cameras 1 and 2 as a pair to get the R and t between 1 and 2. Then calibrate 2 and 3 as a pair to get the R and t between 2 and 3.
Mogeng Li
Mogeng Li on 12 May 2020
On top of this, I found that MATLAB refines the intrinsic matrix for each camera in the stereo pair. That means, the intrinsic matrix of camera 2 in stereo 2/3 and stereo 1/2 are not necessarily identical. I'm facing the same problem of a multi-camera rig calibration, and I think the best option is to exploit some external toolboxes and calibrate the entire rig in one go.

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morrijos on 13 Jan 2016
A bit of searching reveals that there are some user-submitted packages for this too. I'll check them out...


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