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impulse response from transfer function in matlab

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i have a transfer function given by
H(z)= 1-z^(-1)/1-z^(-1)+z^(-2)
how to find its impulse response h(n) in matlab what is the code for the same ?

Accepted Answer

Star Strider
Star Strider on 12 Jan 2016
This is how I would do it:
% H(z)= 1-z^(-1)/1-z^(-1)+z^(-2)
b = [1 -1];
a = [1 -1 1];
M.Moksha laxmi
M.Moksha laxmi on 21 Feb 2021
In the same problem what should I do if I want to plot the step response?

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Abdul Jabbar
Abdul Jabbar on 10 Dec 2016
z^-1 -4z^-2 -2z^-4 can any one tell me that how i can find the impulse response of this function?


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