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how can i calculate entropy set of edge coordinate matrix for object motion detecyion?

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shikha mangal
shikha mangal on 30 Jan 2016
Commented: shikha mangal on 12 Apr 2016
i have obtained a matrix of edge point coordinates from a canny edge image and now i have to calculate spatial temporal entropy set corresponding to two frames so that by measuring difference of entropy and comparing with threshold value i can find whether object moving or not.
shikha mangal
shikha mangal on 12 Apr 2016
yes i am implementing this paper.i have done up to obtaining binary image coordinate i have to calculate spetio-temporal entropy of those pixel values at those coordinates.kindly tell me how can i get those pixel values and what is the method to calculate spetio-temporal entropy of work on this is..
a1=imread('vasanth174.jpeg'); b1=rgb2gray(a1); f1=medfilt2(b1); figure(1),imshow(b1); figure(2),imshow(f1); thresh1=graythresh(f1); e1=edge(f1,'canny',thresh1); figure(3),imshow(e1); a2=imread('vasanth184.jpeg'); b2=rgb2gray(a2); f2=medfilt2(b2); figure(4),imshow(b2); figure(5),imshow(f2); thresh2=graythresh(f2); e2=edge(f2,'canny',thresh2); figure(6),imshow(e2); [cx1,cy1]=find(e1); At1=[cx1,cy1]; [cx2,cy2]=find(e2); At2=[cx2,cy2]; how can i do further on this.kindly tell me.thanks.

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