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How to put the parameter of a controller as an increasing variable, so that after each simulation it increases itself and simulates automatically. I do not want to enter a value each single time manually and wait for the simulation.

Asked by Matina Baradaran on 3 Feb 2016
Latest activity Commented on by Matina Baradaran on 3 Feb 2016
I have a PI2DOF Controller. I want to check the results(scope) with different I- Parameters of the Controller. For example from (0.1 to 3.0). How can I put this Parameter as an increasing variable, which increases by 0.1 after each Simulation? I cannot enter each value manually after each Simulation. I want to see the difference in the behaviour with all These 0.1 to 3.0 I- Parameters of the Controller. Please help!


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1 Answer

Answer by Naty S
on 3 Feb 2016

The parameter you want to test should be taken from the workspace, then you could run the simulation in a for loop in a matlab code using the sim command
after that you could just plot the data you need with the hold all command.
Besides that simulink has some good tolls using the PID Tune controller to examine the gain, you main want to test those.


Hey, This is for the case if you PID control parameters are external, you can also make them internal and just write in the Integral place some variable name and change it between each run in the workspace.
e.g for internal case
for i=1:1:length(Int_vec)
where "I" is the variable in the PID Integral parameters.
Hey Naty,
Thank you a lot. The model works now. However, we are not right now certain what to put as SOMETHING for the plot command. To explain a bit further, we brought the variable to the Workspace with SIMOUT. When we use plot(Level1), which is our variable which we like to see. We get for 0.1 to 0.9 ten independant plots. We actually would like to have all of them in one plot to compare the behaviours.
Thanks a lot again.
Hey Naty .. I got the answer!!!! thanks a lot! You helped me a lot ... :)

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