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Extract information of points in 3D PDE toolbox

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Vinh Dang
Vinh Dang on 18 Feb 2016
Commented: Sleh Eddine Brika on 16 May 2016
Hello, I am using PDE toolbox to evaluate elastic deformation of an object.
N = 3;
model = createpde(N);
How can I extract the coordinate of points (x,y,z) on an arbitrary face, for example face F10. Thanks

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Sleh Eddine Brika
Sleh Eddine Brika on 16 May 2016
Same problem I am using this command hc=pdegplot(model,'FaceLabels','on'); and extract the faces, vertices and Edges like this E= [(hc(2).XData)' (hc(2).YData)' (hc(2).ZData)']%Edges V=hc(1).Vertices;%Vertices F=hc(1).Faces;%Faces but the faces that I extracted my self are not the same as the ones ploted. For exemple I have a square, the command pdegplot(model,'FaceLabels','on') will label one face, but the matrix F will have 2. I don't know how it's work ! I think that the fonction find a relation between faces/edges/vertices to detect the labeled faces but I didn't figure out how it's work.

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