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The time for adding a channel

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Kay on 26 Jan 2012
When I declare the device and AO channel using DAQ toolbox, it takes quite a bit of time to do it. Is that normal?
%%Create the new obj
clear all;clc;
ao = analogoutput('nidaq','Dev1');
% Create channel
chan = addchannel(ao,0);
I have used the cputime to calculate the time, it was 11.75s. It's pretty long. Anything causes this time problem? Is that possible to fix?
thanks, Kay

Answers (1)

Manisha on 31 Jan 2012
Hi Kay,
The long time is because of the
clear all
command you have in the starting. This commands removes all functions from memory and therefore when you execute
it has to load all the drivers and functions needed. So if you try to run your script again without the clear all, you will see a substantial decrease in the time taken.
Hope that helps,


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