Simmechanics non-linear spring/damper

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H S on 26 Jan 2012
Commented: Vijayalayan on 21 Jul 2017
I am trying to implement a non-linear spring and a bi-linear damper for use in a vehicle simulation. Any ideas how I could proceed with that? I am thinking of using a lookup table to insert the value of forces for spring/damper depending on the displacements and velocities.
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Vijayalayan on 21 Jul 2017
Hi One way of modeling the non-linear damper is using the Simscape language to customize the damper component available in mechanical foundation library. We have used the same approach for modeling non-linear damper of suspension system and you can read the white paper mentioned below:
There's a non-linear rotational and translational damper available in Simscape Driveline library also
In case you want to use only Simscape language,kindly click the below link to get started :

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