How to start Simulink model on Raspberry Pi automatically on startup?

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I have built a Simulink model consisting of three blocks (Pulse generator + Data Type Conversion + GPIO Write) to flash a LED.
I loaded it onto the board, and the model ran normally from the computer in both normal and external modes. The LED was flashing. I stopped the Simulink model and unplugged the power and ethernet cables.
The Simulink model is converted into an executable that runs on the Raspberry Pi board. Typically, the executable is saved in the `/home/pi/Simulink_model_name_rtt/MW/Simulink_model_name` directory. The name of the executable is the same as the Simulink model name.
I ran the operating system of the Raspberry Pi via VNC viewer to execute the Simulink model that exists in MW folder. But the LED wasn't flashing.
Terminal from VNC viewer.
I went to Terminal from PuTTY to execute the Simulink model that exists in the MW folder. It returned the error:
Error setting GPIO pin direction.
Terminal from Putty.
*I want to run the Simulink model* that has been loaded onto the Raspberry Pi board (after Raspberry Pi booting and startup) without running the Simulink model again on the computer via Ethernet connection.
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satwant singh
satwant singh on 30 Mar 2017
Edited: satwant singh on 30 Mar 2017
Is internet connection is mandatory while interconnecting respberry pi with simulink?

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Answers (1)

Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom on 19 Mar 2016
you need yo use sudo because the model is accessing pi hardware
sudo ./LED_Test
wasted on 29 Jul 2016
Solved it myself:
It is important to press: Deploy to Hardware in Simulink GUI. Pressing "Run" only does not create a standalone application on the raspberry pi (model 2 B). At least that's my experience..

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