Does Matlab support package work with Raspberry Pi 3 Model B?

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I just bought the brand new Pi 3 model B, and tried to install the support package. However, when loaded into the sd slot, nothing happens: the ACT led should blink, instead it's off at all times. Anyone has any idea? Maybe the firmware is not update to the new board? Thanks
Richard McGinley
Richard McGinley on 4 Apr 2016
I put the microSD card and carrier into the SD slot on my MacBook Air. It updated fine and it replaced the Raspbian OS in the process. I'm able to use MATLAB and the Pi 3 B (16.1.1) together no problem, What I haven't been able to do is get the Simulink support package (16.1.1) to install. It gives me an error when installing 3rd party tools..."Non-passing return code received". I can't get past that point. I have a support request in. Details to follow.
Cesar mauricio Peña martinez
Yo tambien tengo el mismo problema, quiero conectar la Rasberry pi 3 con matlab 2015a, cuando inserto el tajeta SD a la ranura no presenta ninguna actividad ni siquiera prende el led verde. alguien puede darme alguna solución a este problema. Muchas gracias

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Michael Hitchcock
Michael Hitchcock on 24 Aug 2016
Yes, it can be done. But, it has to be done manually.
Let's say you made a bunch of custom sh*t, and 1.) don't want to rewrite everything, 2.) don't remember which python was the aliased to the command "python", 3) Somebody else did your custom setup, i.e. "Mathworks", 4) Just dont want wheezy, but it the only available downloadable OS image.
Then, I just do the manual update method. "apt-get update", "apt-get upgrade", modify the apt repos files so that aptitude is looking at "Jessie" instead of "Wheezy", "apt-get update", "apt-get upgrade", answer the questions about which "*.conf" file to keep (keep the new one. The old configuration file will get a new extension appended to its name, and the upgrade will tell you what that extension is.), Reboot, and listen to the errors if any.
I do alot of drunken coding, and don't remember, all the time, how, what, why, and/or where. But.... the errors are written in English :)
And there are many manual upgrade procedure published online

Thomas Mayr
Thomas Mayr on 16 Mar 2016
i can use the Raspberry Pi 3 B with the Simulink Support Package by flashing the Sd-card by my own.
I used Raspbian Jessie (also the Lite version is working, but i must change the port from 17725 to 1024, don't know why) Link, because the Raspberry Pi 3 don't work with the Whezzy.
This setting working fine for me, only the SDL Video-block isn't working, for that u have to update the linux sdl library.
Thomas Mayr
Thomas Mayr on 2 Apr 2016
i read anywhere only simulink part would work with the raspberry pi3, not the matlab part.
But there was an update for the support package and matlab 2016a and now it should all work fine. Link
I will try it the next few days and hope i could help you.
Igor Potocnik
Igor Potocnik on 30 Apr 2016
Edited: Igor Potocnik on 30 Apr 2016
Hello Thomas,
Did I understand you correctly that within R2016a we could install (via support package for RPi; I have Rpi2) Raspbian Jessie? Namely, I have 2015b and it only allows me to install Wheezy. But I would like to have Jessie. (And I don't know how to tweak the official Raspbian Jessie to connect RPi2 with Matlab. Did changing the port from 17725 to 1024 get you any errors - apart from that you've mentioned - or is it good so far?)
Thank you for any suggestion.

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Raymond Gilbers
Raymond Gilbers on 24 Jan 2018
Hi All,
I have on my laptop Matlab 2015 and just bought a Raspberry 3. Now I see that this is not compatible with 2015 but I would like to use Jessie. I have seen above a comment that this could be done maually but its not clear to me what to do, anybody willing to help me a bit?
Thanks in advance,

Manoj Kumar Sharma
Manoj Kumar Sharma on 22 May 2021
Hi! Gilbers,
you can visit for geting the pi boards and matlab version for your question.


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