how to display points from very light red to dark red?

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Hi I have 100 points.(100 x and 100 y). I want to plot the points from very light red to very dark red. 1-point very light red,sequence gets darker and darker, and final 100-point totally dark red. Is it possible to do it?

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Julie on 11 Mar 2016
Edited: Julie on 11 Mar 2016
See Below code
c = linspace(1,10,length(x));
G=linspace(.95,0,length(x)); % Increase the .95 for lighter red at beginning, increase the 0 for lighter red at the end

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Chad Greene
Chad Greene on 11 Mar 2016
I recommend brewermap because Jan Brewer's colormaps have been thoughtfully designed and have a nearly linear lightness gradient. That is, the changes in lightness of Jan Brewer's color maps occur at approximately the same rate as the changes in the data they represent.
Here's an example using scatter. Start with Matlab's default colormap:
Then change the colormap:

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