PC for deep learning in MATLAB

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Andreas on 29 Mar 2016
Commented: Walter Roberson on 31 Mar 2016
With the CNN-capabilities of Matlab 2016a, it would be interesting to hear if you know of any good PC-build that would be suitable for the platform.
Can it handle multiple GPUs effortlesly?
Would for example, two GeForce GTX TITAN X be good for the GPU?
If you know of any for-purpose built PCs, please provide a link.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 31 Mar 2016
The systems integrator that appears to work most closely with Mathworks is SpeedGoat

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Adithya Addanki
Adithya Addanki on 31 Mar 2016
Hi Andreas,
We would be in a limited capacity to suggest a PC build or a graphic card that is right for your use. However, please refer to the system requirements page below that specify the minimum system requirements for the GPUs:
CUDA-enabled NVIDIA GPU with compute capability 2.0 or higher. For releases 14a and earlier, compute capability 1.3 is sufficient. For more information (Attention to Neural Network Toolbox and Parallel Computing Toolbox):
For an overview of the Neural Network Toolbox, please refer to the link below:
For information on Parallel Computing using GPUs, please refer to the links below:
I hope these help.
Thank you,


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