Java exception 2016a in Jupyter/IPython over linux

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Something regressed between R2015aSP1 and R2016a, when MATLAB is called via Jupyter Notebook using the matlab_kernel python interface.
With R2015aSP1, everything works as expected.
With R2016a, things work except for plotting. When trying to plot anything, we get the error
java.lang.Exception: Stack trace
at java.lang.Thread.dumpStack(Unknown Source)
at com.mathworks.hg.util.OutputHelperProcessingException.<init>(
at com.mathworks.hg.util.HGRasterOutputHelper.generateOutput(
after which, the MATLAB instance starts to eat up system RAM and becomes unresponsive. Help?
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Cosmo on 17 Aug 2016
Edited: Cosmo on 17 Aug 2016
Here's the related issue on GitHub:
It appears that the developer of pymatbridge is looking into it. Apparently it's something to do with saved figures being too large.

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Adithya Addanki
Adithya Addanki on 31 Mar 2016
Hi Willie,
It may be possible that the graphics drivers are out of date. Please try updating the graphic drivers.
Additionally, please refer to the link below for fixing low-level graphics issues:
I hope this helps.
Thank you,
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Willie Wong
Willie Wong on 31 Mar 2016
That's not it.
1. The Xorg graphics drivers are xf86_video_intel version 2.99.917 which is the most recent one.
2. The video is provided by an integrated Intel chip, which has Intel-supported open source drivers in the kernel. I am running the 4.4.5-1 kernel, which was released mid March. So that's also quite very new.
3. I am really doubtful that it is a driver issue: running the MATLAB desktop itself gives no problem what so ever, it is only when MATLAB is called through Jupyter Notebook that causes the problem. And also as I said the 2015aSP1 build gives no problem either, even when called from Jupyter Notebook.

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