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run .m files in a GUI call .m files from a GUi call functions from a GUI

Asked by MrMedTech on 5 Apr 2016
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on 5 Apr 2016
hi all,
my problem is, that I created a GUI and a programm with some .m files.
Now I want to start the main file of my .m files within the GUI. This works fine but I got an error message(I'm sure there'll be more coming soon^^) which sais that a function I'm calling gets to many input arguments.
When running the general program without the gui, everything works fine.
I did not change anything, just cpy paste the code from my main file in which every other .m files are called. I tried the following:
boxcalibration is the function I try to call but I can't get it anyway. Thx for help Phil


What is the error message you get ?
Also, instead of copy/paste the code of the main file, you should just call your main function directly from the callback in your gui.
I think you have to change your function like;
myfunction varlist(a,b,varargin)
% code

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