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How to change the focus manually in a videoobject webcam?

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MrMedTech on 20 Apr 2016
Hello everyone,
I have a problem with the settings of my webcam.
In my case I have to use a webcam as a video object.
So my webcam has problems with the focus which is quite weird because it's a Logitech c920 and generally it's very good at it.
I have a fix distance to the webcam round about 18.5 cm away from it and I'm running it with 640x480 pixels.
The image I get is very washy because of the bad focus I guess.
So I tried to fix it by setting the focus manually to 185 mm.
But when I display the settable properties of the video object, focus and stuff like that is not available.
I tried to create a general webcam handler by using ' cam=get(webcam)' because in this case, you got properties like focus, brightness etc.
After I changed it this way, it seems to have no influence to the video object. Matlab accepts and saves my manual settings done with the 'cam' handle but the image seems to be the same.
Is it possible that it has to do with my downscaled Resolution or does anyone of you have another choice for me.
Thx Phil


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