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Tarek El Fouly
Tarek El Fouly on 20 Apr 2016
Commented: asma amarache on 15 May 2022
Hi, I am trying to download and use the Simulink file for the IEEE 13 Node Test Feeder, a message pop up that I have to Run the command by entering it in the MATLAB Command Window. When I do that, I receive the following error Error using run (line 55) power_13NodeTestFeeder not found. What should I do? Best Regards, Tarek

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Adithya Addanki
Adithya Addanki on 22 Apr 2016
Hi Tarek,
I understand you are experiencing an issue with 'power_13NodeTestFeeder'. Please verify the below information:
1. Which release of MATLAB are you using.
2. In releases prior to MATLAB R2015b this file does not exist. In other words, if you have MATLAB R2015b/R2016a. You will be able to find it by executing the below command at MATLAB Command prompt: which -all power_13NodeTestFeeder
I hope this helps.
Thank you,


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