How should I do for Simulink error ?

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Yuji Shimizu
Yuji Shimizu on 6 May 2016
Commented: Nithin M on 26 Jul 2019
I installed "MATLAB R2016a student use". But when Simulink started, I got an error message that says, "Failed to load URL http://localhost:31415/toolbox/simulink/sltemplate/web/GalleryView/gallery.html?channel=/sltemplate/GalleryView/All/&viewType=All&startPage=true&snc=2A5BA5 with error (-105)." What should I do ?
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Matt Flyer
Matt Flyer on 3 Jun 2016
Were you able to get a solution? I have a very similar problem, except it exits on error (-101). I have determined that the connector is running and when I try this link in a web browser it seems to be throwing a 403 error saying Forbidden.

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Answers (4)

Matt Flyer
Matt Flyer on 7 Jun 2016
I was able to successfully resolve my issue with this problem. I requested support from Mathworks and the response was that Java was experiencing a network connectivity issue and they offered some suggestions to try. In my case, it turned out that I was operating behind a network proxy server and it was attempting to route all of the local traffic through the proxy, which will not work. Setting an environment variable (e.g. export or .bashrc) for "no_proxy=localhost," would resolve the error if Matlab/Simulink were started from within a terminal but not when started from the application launcher. The final solution was to place the no_proxy for local addresses in the proper configuration file, in my case /etc/environment.
Nithin M
Nithin M on 26 Jul 2019
Just tick the "Bypass proxy server for local addresses" in the internet options -> LAN Settings and restart MATLAB

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Dieter on 17 Jun 2016
I have had the same problem with the "MATLAB R2016a” with the company proxy. I solved the problem for Simulink “web Gallery View” by defining an exception for localhost internet connection at the windows control panel (german os):
Internetoptionen -> Verbindungen -> LAN-Einstellungen -> Erweitert -> Ausnahmen: localhost.
Now it works fine.
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Ishak  Ahmed
Ishak Ahmed on 20 Mar 2018
can you tell it in english please..

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Yuqi Cui
Yuqi Cui on 20 Nov 2017
I had the same problem here. Found that I was using the VPN. After turned it off, I can assess this page successfully.
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Nimish Bhatt
Nimish Bhatt on 2 Aug 2018
The above Solution does not solve the problem for 2018a. The error is still the same--Failed to load URL https://localhost:31516/toolbox/simulink/simulink/slmsgviewer/slmsgviewer.html?snc=XIQRAJ with error ERR_TUNNEL_CONNECTION_FAILED (-111).

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Rinku Kumar
Rinku Kumar on 11 Oct 2018
its some installed software such as windows firewall or installed antivirus that is stopping the The MATLAB to communicate, so, what you need to do, is to make exception for MATLAB in all those software and grant it all permissions to communicate

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