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Embedded matlab function error..

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How to resolve this type of errors?/
Computed maximum size of the output of function 'colon' is not bounded. Static memory allocation requires all sizes to be bounded. The computed size is [1 x :?].

Accepted Answer

Kaustubha Govind
Kaustubha Govind on 8 Feb 2012
It looks like you are trying to create a variable whose size is dynamic. For example:
function y = myfun(n)
y = zeros(1,n);
Since Embedded MATLAB uses static memory allocation, it cannot handle variables that change size dynamically. What you can do is declare 'y' as variable-sized while specifying an upper bound for the size.
function y = myfun(n)
coder.varsize('y', [1 1024]); %n must never exceed 1024
y = zeros(1,n);
Kaustubha Govind
Kaustubha Govind on 9 Feb 2012
Does it point to a specific line? I can see several lines where you are creating variables of dynamic size:
tiq = [0:Ts*2:(N*T)-Ts]';

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