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plotSlice - what are the numbers below the plots?

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There is a row of numbers presented in plotSlice, one beneath each variable. What are these numbers? How may they be interpreted?

Accepted Answer

Tom Lane
Tom Lane on 24 Jun 2016
The prediction shown at the left of the plot is the value given by the model when the predictors are set to the numbers shown below the plot.
Also, suppose there are three plots with predictor names x1, x2, and x3. The first plot shows a curve giving the predicted response vs. x1, when x2 and x3 are set to the values below their plots.
jkr on 28 Jun 2016
Thanks. Good explanation of coefficients of a predictive model.
Matt Fetterman
Matt Fetterman on 7 Nov 2017
Hello, Could you explain is the plot showing a probability or the value of the coefficients which could then be converted into a probability.

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jkr on 8 Nov 2017
The coefficients in the model represent the impact of each variable on the model. They are not statistical measures. Moreover, they are arbitrary, in the sense that they are directly sensitive to scale. For example, in a model that included voltage as a predictor variable, if the model's coefficient were, say, 2.7 in volts, it would be 2700 in millivolts. For this reason, when as often the variables are in incommensurate units, it can be helpful to normalize each variable (e.g. (x - mean(x))/std(x)).


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