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Humusoft MF614 drivers simulink real-time?

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Gijs on 2 Jun 2016
Edited: Jorik on 2 Jun 2016
Hi, I'm trying to set up a simulink real-time system using a Humusoft MF614 AD/DA card. The card seems to be supported by simulink desktop real-time, but it does not appear in Simulink real-time. Does anybody know if there's a driver available? Thanks!

Answers (1)

Jorik on 2 Jun 2016
Edited: Jorik on 2 Jun 2016
Simulink Desktop Real-Time is quite a different product from Simulink Real-Time. The Desktop product works directly on your computer (Mac/Windows) that is running MATLAB and Simulink, whereas Simulink Real-Time works with a separate (target) computer that is then running a real-time operating system. The drivers and as a result the hardware support for these real-time solutions are different.
I was also unable to find any driver or reference on how to use the MF614 with Simulink Real-Time. The only Humusoft cards that are currently supported with Simulink Real-Time are the AD622, MF624 and MF634

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