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Is this code right ? this code is for creating Feedforward neural network in matlab for function approximaton.

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mr mo
mr mo on 9 Jun 2016
hello every one.
this code is for function approximation with Feedforward neural network in Matlab R2015b.
Data = xlsread('D',1);
X = Data(:,2:end-1);
Y = Data(:,end);
DataNum = size(X,1);
InputNum = size(X,2);
OutputNum = size(Y,2);
and i was normalize my input and outputs with this formula.
xN = (x - MinX) / (MaxX - MinX) * 2 - 1;
and here is the code for creating the Feedforward neural network with 5 hidden neurons:
pr = [-1 1];
PR = repmat(pr,InputNum,1);
Network = newff(PR,[5 OutputNum],{'tansig' 'purelin'});
this code is Obsoleted or not ? and if it is Obsoleted , which code in R2015b can create the exact above code with all properties above ?
with best regards .

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