How can I access a structure by using purely strings?

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My current code requests a structure from the user as an input in the form of its name 'file'. I am trying to access this structure in my function with the string 'file'. For example
structure's name is file
i can access the fields in it by writing file.field. I can also do n = 'field'; and access the same thing doing file.(n). I cannot however do y = 'file' and access the same field doing (y).(n). Is there a way around this?
Stephen23 on 16 Jun 2016
Edited: Stephen23 on 19 Jun 2019
@Xavier: there are ways, but MATLAB has a whole page recommending against this:
Read this to know some reasons for avoiding doing this:
If you actually describe the whole situation a bit more, then we can advise you better ways to achieves what you want to do. Are you using load ?

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