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DAQ with ENET-9163 and NI 9237 National Instruments

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I can't open a channel of the NI 9237 Device in Matlab using R2011a is it a device support problem or is there any solution? That's the device info i'm getting:
>> get(deviceInfo)
IsSimulated: false
Vendor: National Instruments
ID: 'ENET-14E1636'
Model: 'ENET-9237'
Subsystems: empty
Description: 'National Instruments ENET-9237'
RecognizedDevice: false
and when i want to open a analoginput:
s.addAnalogInputChannel('ENET-14E1636', 'ai0', 'Voltage');
??? The requested subsystem 'AnalogInput' does not exist on this device.
Thanks for any help!

Answers (2)

Manisha on 21 Feb 2012
Hi Dirk,
Support for NI 9237 was added in R2011b. NI 9237 supports only bridge measurements, so if you use R2011b , you should be able to use this device as
s = daq.createSession('ni');
s.addAnalogInputChannel('Dev5', 0, 'Bridge');
Look at this demo for more information on bridge channels.
Hope that helps,

Vinh Dang
Vinh Dang on 5 Mar 2015
Edited: Vinh Dang on 5 Mar 2015
Hello, In my application, I have a cDAQ configuration with AI modules 9234 (for accelerometers), 9237 (for pressure and load cell) and 9215 (for proximity and temperature). All modules are put in one chassis cDAQs-9178. What is the valid sampling rate for this?
Thanks for your help!


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