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Can't Set 'SingleEnded' TerminalConfig with NI USB-6366 DAQ

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I am trying to set the terminal configuration for the NI USB-6366 to 'SingleEnded'. I get the error
this device does not support setting TerminalConfig to SingleEnded
although it does list it as a valid option when you look at the acceptable input options.
I am currently using Win7 64 with R2012a with the latest toolboxes and drivers.
Is this a bug or am I missing something?

Answers (1)

Manisha on 21 Feb 2012
If you look at Specification tab of USB 6363 datasheet, you would see that it says 0 single ended channels. So this device does not support single ended channels.
The TerminalConfigsAvailable property should list the available terminal configs for that device. You can get to this property as follows
d = daq.getDevices()
% Get terminal configs for the first device and the first subsystem
Hope that helps,


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