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Additional LaTeX Package Support (esp: expanded character sets)

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Andrew Mizener
Andrew Mizener on 24 Jun 2016
Edited: Andrew Mizener on 24 Jun 2016
Good afternoon.
I am trying to use the LaTeX interpreter to format my plot axis labels and legends, but there are characters I would like to use that are not in the default MATLAB TeX/LaTeX build. I would like to add additional packages (amsmath, amssymb, etc.) to allow the use of those characters.
I've searched through the archives of MATLAB answers and on the internet and all of the install-extra-packages guidelines instructions are from 2012 and earlier ( May 2010, Dec. 2011, Sept. 2012, Oct. 2012). The most recent ask of a similar question ( Aug. 2015 ) directs to an answer ( also Aug. 2015 ) which directs to the earlier pre-2013 solutions.
All of these solutions involve modifying the file "tex.m", located at MATLAB_Root\toolbox\matlab\graphics. However, my tex.m file not appear to do anything that the supplied answers say it will, and contains none of the required fields to be edited. (I would supply the code, but I'm abutting my character limit.)
I'm using MATLAB R2016a (the Student Edition, if that matters).
Can anyone offer any advice for more recent MATLAB builds?

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