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A Matlab GUI made with GUIDE on r2015a does not display properly in a standalone executable file

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I have made a GUI mygui.fig using Matlab GUIDE on Matlab r2015. When I right click myguide.fig and select 'Open in GUIDE', the interface fits the screen nicely. When I run the corresponding function mygui.m the interface displays nicely and fits the screen well. However, when I make an executable file, install and run it, the GUI suddenly does not fit the screen on the same monitor. I can not figure out what is the problem. The same thing happens when I run mygui.m on Matlab r2016; suddenly the GUI no longer fits the screen. And I stress that this all happens on the same monitor. My GUI units and the units of all components are 'normalized'. The resize option of the GUI is 'on' and the resize behavior of the GUI is set to 'proportional'. All help is appreciated!

Accepted Answer

Prasad Mendu
Prasad Mendu on 6 Jul 2016
There is a bug in which Deployed GUIs and figures look and feel different compared to undeployed MATLAB desktop versions. Deployed applications are using the cross platform look and feel by default, while the undeployed figures.
To work around this issue, manually set the look and feel to the default platform specific version. Refer to the link below for more information on how to implement this:
This bug is fixed in MATLAB R2016a. So the issue of the application not fitting in when the MATLAB code is run might be because of another bug in which the entire extent of GUI is not displayed in GUIDE.
To workaround this, refer to the link below and make use of the patch:

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