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Changing the FontSize of Matlab diagraph plot

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Why I can not access any property of FontSize for each nodes in Matlab digraph?
p.NodeColor = 'red';
G.Edges.LWidths = 18*G.Edges.Weight/max(G.Edges.Weight);
p.LineWidth = G.Edges.LWidths;
None of the conventional methods I know are working, such as :
As a matter of a fact, I don;t see any property for that:
Error using digraph/plot>checkinputnames (line 126)
Expected input number 4 to match one of these strings:
'ArrowSize', 'BusyAction', 'ButtonDownFcn', 'CreateFcn', 'DeleteFcn', 'DisplayName', 'EdgeAlpha', 'EdgeCData',
'EdgeColor', 'EdgeLabel', 'EdgeLabelMode', 'HandleVisibility', 'HitTest', 'Interruptible', 'LineStyle',
'LineWidth', 'Marker', 'MarkerSize', 'NodeCData', 'NodeColor', 'NodeLabel', 'NodeLabelMode', 'Parent',
'PickableParts', 'Selected', 'SelectionHighlight', 'ShowArrows', 'Tag', 'UIContextMenu', 'UserData', 'Visible',
'XData', 'YData', 'Layout', 'Dimension', 'Iterations', 'XStart', 'YStart', 'Direction', 'Sources', 'Sinks',
The input, 'FontSize', did not match any of the valid strings.
Error in digraph/plot (line 80)
args = checkinputnames(args,nameOffset);
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 4 Jul 2016
I don't see where you actually tried to access it. Where did you do that? Where did you want the text to be? I know for a fact that title(), xlabel(), ylabel(), and text() all take a 'FontSize' argument, but I don't see you using any of those.
Amir on 4 Jul 2016
The text I am interested in changing are the Node text of the diagraph, which can't be modified apparently. Even by using matlap graphical figure interface, when I change all fonts, they are the same

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Accepted Answer

Prasad Mendu
Prasad Mendu on 19 Jul 2016
GraphPlot does not support changing the fontsize and fontcolor of the text labels.
As a workaround, if you really need the custom text, grab the XData and YData coordinates from the GraphPlot object, do "hold on", and then superimpose their own custom text labels on the figure by using the TEXT function in MATLAB. Refer to the example below for reference:
% Custom colors from parula colormap and custom sizes between 12 and 20 pts
labelColors = parula(length(names));
labelSizes = randi([12 20], length(names), 1);
p.NodeLabel = {};
% Custom labels
hold on
for i=1:length(names)
text(p.XData(i), p.YData(i), names(i), 'Color', labelColors(i, :), 'FontSize', labelSizes(i));
hold off
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Amir on 19 Jul 2016
Edited: Amir on 19 Jul 2016
Nice workaround. that should work i guess.

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Raimon Fabregat
Raimon Fabregat on 18 May 2017
What you can do is resize the figure and make it smaller. The font size of the labels will not get rescaled along and they will appear much bigger.


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