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How can I multiply the columns of one matrix by another matrix most efficiently?

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Brandon on 12 Jul 2016
Commented: Brandon on 12 Jul 2016
I need to multiply the columns of one matrix by the columns of another matrix element-wise, and I would like to avoid loops. So far, I know that this will accomplish what I want done, but I would like to vectorize it if possible.
A = [1 2 3; 4 5 6; 7 8 9];
B = [1 1 1; 2 2 2; 3 3 3];
j = 1:size(A,2);
for i = 1:size(A, 2) % loop over columns
result(:, i*j) = bsxfun(@times, A(:, i), B);
Basically, given 2 MxN matrices my code outputs an MxN^2 matrix. Is there any built in function that will allow me to do this without the loop?

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