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simulate this using script file (time evolution)

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dx(t)= Bu(t)+ c(t)
I want to simulate the next state for every time steps using m-script..
x(t+1)= x(t) + Bu(t)+ c(t)
It is not working the way I want.

Answers (1)

Div Tiwari
Div Tiwari on 9 Aug 2016
Could you elaborate on what you meant by it not working the way you want, Jeffrey? This should be quite simple to implement, but we do need to specify an initial value and index the for-loop correctly. For example, for 'N' steps:
x = zeros(1,N);
x(1) = xInitial; % Set initial value
for t = 1:N-1
% Assuming Bu and c are precomputed
x(t+1) = x(t) + Bu(t) + c(t);


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