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error while compiling "beaglebon​e_external​_mode.slx"

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Joaquim on 18 Jul 2016
Edited: Walter Roberson on 13 Nov 2016
Hello, I am trying to run the example "beaglebone_external_mode.slx". I have Matlab 2016a, Simulink 8.7 and Embedded Coder 6.10, with Microsoft Windows SDK 7.1 compiler, running on a PC 64 bit Windows 7. My Beaglebone Black is a rev C and the Debian installed is the latest one (8.4). All packages have been updated. After following all the procedure explained in your example, while compiling in external mode, it appears the error described below.
Could you please give me some advice to solve it? Thank you
c:\matlab\supportpackages\r2016a\toolbox\target\supportpackages\beaglebone\libc\usr\include\bits\byteswap.h:75:1: error: unknown type name '__uint64_t'
__bswap_64 (__uint64_t __bsx)
c:\matlab\supportpackages\r2016a\toolbox\target\supportpackages\beaglebone\libc\usr\include\bits\byteswap.h:75:13: error: unknown type name '__uint64_t'
__bswap_64 (__uint64_t __bsx)
gmake: *** [ext_svr.c.o] Error 1

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