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Rotate usamap and states about center of the map

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I have data from a program that gives me surface concenteration between a given set of latitudes and longitudes. I am looking to plot these onto a map in matlab using usamap and states as defined in matlab example 2 of the usamap command. The problem is that the data from the program is rotated by about 9 degrees, and so far I have been unable to find a way to rotate the usamap & the state boundaries by 9 degrees about the center of the map. Is there a way to do this? Any help\hints in this regard would be deeply appreciated.Thanks in advance.

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Prasad Mendu
Prasad Mendu on 18 Aug 2016
You can use the 'rotate3d' function to rotate 3-D view of the map. First, execute the command given below to turn this feature 'on':
>>rotate3d on
You can then rotate the map by 9 degrees using the mouse. The value of the degrees is displayed on the lower left corner of the figure window.
The documentation of the 'rotate3d' can be found at the link below:
Also, refer to the documentation of the 'rotate' function at the link below to find out more on implementing the same programmatically:

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