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Text in a figure: Increasing Font Size

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Rachel Baker
Rachel Baker on 19 Aug 2016
Commented: Rachel Baker on 22 Aug 2016
Hi all,
So, I'm creating a surface plot in which I added the values to the contour lines. I need the text to be larger, but when I try to increase the font size, some of the text does not "fit" inside the figure window. I attached a screen shot of what I'm describing here, as well as my code to generate the figure. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions or help on how to solve this formatting issue.
[C,h] = contourf(X,Y,AP_Z,'ShowText','on','LineWidth',1,'Color',[0.5 0.5 0.5]);
c = colormap('Gray')


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Udit Gupta
Udit Gupta on 20 Aug 2016
You can either include the option 'manual' in your clabel call and use your mouse to place the labels; or you can use the 'LabelSpacing' option to play around a bit (see

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Rachel Baker
Rachel Baker on 22 Aug 2016
Thanks for your response! I tried the manual setting, and it wasn't sensitive enough to put the text where it needed to be. I like the spacing suggestion, though! That should work well; thanks again!

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