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Error using xlsread 'No appropriate method, property, ...'

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Christoph Thale
Christoph Thale on 25 Aug 2016
Commented: Guillaume on 26 Aug 2016
I have MATLAB R2015a and i want to read out a xls excel sheet with matlab. Every time I open it in my code i get this red Error:
_Error using xlsread (line 247)
No appropriate method, property, or field 'FileFormat' for class
I already created my own excel sheet but i receive the same error.
Yesterday everything worked fine. Don't why it stucks today.
Guillaume on 26 Aug 2016
If the file is in xls format, the password protection is easy to bypass/remove. What I want to look at is the file structure, so the fact that the macros are password protected shouldn't matter.

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Answers (1)

KSSV on 25 Aug 2016
I guess problem is with loop... Instead of [num,txt,Messwerte{i}] = xlsread(Pfad,3); use as below
[num,txt,Messwerte1] = xlsread(Pfad,3);
Messwerte{i} = Messwerte1 ;
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Guillaume on 25 Aug 2016
The two different syntaxes are equally valid and will make absolutely no difference to what happens.
This certainly won't resolve any problem.

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