Load an image which i choose from a spesific folder

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I'm building a GUI in which i have a button that i want to load an image from specific folder.But i don't want a specific image.I want to have the choise to choose one image that i want(not multiple images just one).Is there any way to push that button open me the folder and choose my image? Images files must be (.bmp) Thanks a lot

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Bego on 16 Sep 2016
Edited: Bego on 16 Sep 2016
Hello Thanos!
In your GUI add a EditText (Tag edit1) and a Push button (Tag pushbutton1). Right click over the push button and select View Callbacks/Callback. On the pushbutton1_Callback write something like this:
%Open dialog box and select and image from it
[filename,filepath]=uigetfile({'*.bmp'},'Select and image');
%Set the value of the text field edit1 to the route of the selected image.
set(handles.edit1, 'String', strcat(filepath, filename));
Thanos Lampridis
Thanos Lampridis on 16 Sep 2016
It worked!!!Thanks for the help again!UR the best!!!

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PRAJWAL GOWDA HM on 13 Jul 2019
[filename,filepath]=uigetfile({'*.bmp'},'Select and image');
selectedImage = imread(strcat(filepath, filename));

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