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Regarding XPC Target..... Network Boot

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Sriharsha on 28 Feb 2012
I am using 2011b My system is windows xp, sp3 . I have xpc target version 5.1.
I am trying to connect my host pc to a target pc.
Host pc have a ethernet card: Realtek RTL8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet NIC #4.
Target Pc have Ethernet card: Intel (R) PRO /100 VE Network Connection.
I am trying to connect using Network Boot. I have specified/ configured in the way it has to be. I saw some examples in the document and i followed those configuration settings.
i am using cross over cable to connect.
But, when i try to ping the target pc, i get the error.
>> xpctest('-noreboot')
### xPC Target v5.1 Test Suite
### Host-Target interface is: TCP/IP (Ethernet)
### Test 1, Ping target PC 'TargetPC1' using system ping: ... OK
### Test 2, Ping target PC 'TargetPC1' using xpctargetping: ... FAILED
Please help me to resolve this..
Sriharsha S
Shiva Arun Kumar
Shiva Arun Kumar on 29 Feb 2012
The xpc connection is possible only after the target has been booted with the xPC Kernel. XPCTEST command is to check the Host Target Communication after the boot up process is complete.
The following documentation provides more information on how to use Network Boot:

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