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Display in Kmeans function

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What is the meaning of title "phase" and "num" in the Kmeans function when the display option is on? I kind of guess the "num" representing the number of outliers. Is my guessing right?


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the cyclist
the cyclist on 4 Oct 2016
phase refers to "batch update" (1) or "online update" (2). The meaning of these phases is described in the kmeans documentation, in the section Name-Value Pair Arguments section, under "Online Phase".
I believe that num is the number of clusters found after each iteration, but I could not find that stated in the documentation.


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Chung-Chi Tsai
Chung-Chi Tsai on 12 Oct 2016
Thank you very much, cyclist. I would guess the "num" representing the number of uncertain labeling, so as iterations goes up, the uncertainty will go down.
the cyclist
the cyclist on 17 Oct 2016
Yes, I would say that that is a reasonable conceptual way of thinking about it.
Also, the best form of thanks is accepting a solution, which rewards the contributor, and also points future users toward correct solutions.
Chung-Chi Tsai
Chung-Chi Tsai on 6 Nov 2016
Thanks for your answering.

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