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Is it possible to extract data from a SQLite database with null values?

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Hi there - I am new to databases and am running into some trouble with SQLite.
I have a SQLite database where I can retrieve data from variables with no null values successfully, but variables with empty entries throw an error in SqlDbConnector/fetchRows. I have dbprefs set with NullStringRead and NullNumberRead to 'null'; however, I get the error:
Error using matlab.depfun.internal.database.SqlDbConnector/fetchRows Unexpected NULL; (zero-based) column index: 0; details: initVecVarVecFromSqldbTypes().
% Isolate the walk of patient "McKay" 's first walk over the gaitmat. It
% should have two passes.
ID_i = num2str(ID{1})
% id is retrieved correctly
id = fetch(db, ['SELECT id FROM FootFall WHERE Gait_id = ' ID_i])
% variables with blank rows are retrieved incorrectly
PassNo = fetch(db, ['SELECT PassNo FROM FootFall WHERE Gait_ID = ' ID_i])
Blob1 = fetch(db, ['SELECT Blob1 FROM FootFall WHERE Gait_id = ' ID_i])
Is this a limitation in SQLite, or should I have dbprefs set differently? Any help appreciated.

Accepted Answer

Prasad Mendu
Prasad Mendu on 19 Oct 2016
Edited: Prasad Mendu on 19 Oct 2016
This could be because of a bug in the SQLite JDBC driver:
MATLAB uses the wasNull() method to determine whether a null value was returned (such that we can replace it with the 'NullStringRead' value). wasNull() unexpectedly throws an exception here.

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Iliaz Miah
Iliaz Miah on 11 Sep 2018
Use Built-in function ifnull() in your query. example(For SQLite db) I would like to get 0 in return of a query if actual data is null.
MatLab code:
table2array(fetch(conn,'SELECT ifnull(column2,0) From Table1 WHERE ID=12346')
This will return 0 if column2 is empty/null for the selected row.

Tim Buschman
Tim Buschman on 5 Jun 2017
The workaround I found was to use mksqlite package: . Had no problems reading a SQLite database with NULLs.

Brian on 21 Mar 2017
Did you ever figure out a workaround with this? I am using 2016a and have the same issue. Is this fixed in a newer matlab?
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J. Lucas McKay
J. Lucas McKay on 21 Mar 2017
Hey Brian - unfortunately my workaround was to avoid SQLite. No idea whether it has been fixed in an update.

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