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Matlab live script does not output the same as regular script.

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This script run as live script does not run the same as running as normal script. It runs as expected as normal script, but with live script it seems that the outputs lag behind by one run. Would there be a script fix to run this as wanted as a .mlx type?
fprintf('original input is ''Jmkyvih$mx$syx$}ixC''\n')
while yn==0
yn= input('enter ''1'' to end the process or ''0'' to continue the loop\n');
if yn==1
fprintf('conversion found, %.0f loops were run to make the text readable\n',counter)
fprintf('string run %1.0f is "%s" \n\n',counter,orig)
elseif yn~=0
error('restart and input a valid number')
fprintf('conversion not found\n ')
orig=char(double (orig)-1);
fprintf('string run %1.0f is "%s" \n\n',counter,orig)
Dan Po
Dan Po on 19 Oct 2016
the .m output for the first entry is:
original input is 'Jmkyvih$mx$syx$}ixC'
enter '1' to end the process or '0' to continue the loop
conversion not found
string run 1 is "Iljxuhg#lw#rxw#|hwB"
The output of the first '0' entry in the .mlx file is white space. The first output is then displayed after the second input is entered.
I am confused as to why this occurs, and if it will cause problems for me in the future. for somew

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Accepted Answer

K. on 1 Mar 2017
This is a known issue that we plan to address.
As a workaround, you can add a pause immediately preceding the “input” command. For example:
while yn==0
pause(0.1); %Temporary workaround so that all outputs up to this point are displayed.
yn= input('enter ''1'' to end the process or ''0'' to continue the loop\n');
This issue occurs because even though the code before the “input” command has executed, the Live Editor does not have a chance to show the output of the code until after the “input” command is executed. This results in the delayed behavior you are describing. By adding the short pause, the Live Editor is able to display outputs before the “input” command is executed.
Mate D
Mate D on 13 May 2020
Are there any updates (or at last workarounds) on this issue ?
K. on 13 May 2020
This issue is fixed in R2020a.
If upgrading is not an option, another possible workaround is to run the live script from the Command Window. To do so, type the file name in the Command Window. When you run a live script from the Command Window, output displays in Command Window instead of in the live script. The timing results, however, should be similar to those of a plain code (regular) script.

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Prasad Mendu
Prasad Mendu on 19 Oct 2016
Could you elaborate more on what do you mean by "lag behind by one run"?

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